We are Engr. Marrod and Hye Cruz, the founders of A&B Philippines. Our campaign started when our beautiful twins, babies A and B, died unexpectedly last August 18. 2020 because of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). They could’ve survived the rare syndrome if we could have had the laser ablation technology here in the Philippines. Since then, our mantra is to help build a better future for everyone especially families, parents, and children. As parents, we promised to fulfill one of their dreams, which is to become superheroes of our society,

As an engineer by profession, we will promote sustainable thinking to address the problems of our communities.  We firmly believe that in order for us to solve these problems, we need to work together and think of solutions that will resolve the root cause of each problem.

Our organization will tell the story of babies A&B who suffered and conquered everything together until the very end. A story of two sisters who held onto each other until the very end.

Now our organization was built with the story of parents who promise to do anything for their children. Now a story of parents who vowed to do anything to help other people instead. We envision to teach people how to become a responsible member of society by simply giving hope and taking action to help the unfortunate ones.


A&B Philippines creates ripples on small and big ideas through its IDEAL framework, collaboration, individual uniqueness, network, and most especially through technology. With the ripples, we hope and aim to create actions on ideas that will create sustainable solutions to underlying problems in our communities.

By becoming a “project management” firm of the non-profit sector, we hope to be that venue that will help the community attain and achieve their advocacies. Through this, the youth will be able to implement their initiatives more so will feel empowered in a way that they know that there is an organization that will serve as their guiding light in helping other people.



By helping each other to create effective and efficient solutions to solve problems across different sectors


Being passionate to change the world and having the perseverance to achieve our mission and vision


Caring for everyone, leaving no one behind, and showing dedication to help all communities.


Active seeking new developments to create and implement smart, efficient and effective ideas to change the world


Showing resolve to do more than what it takes to achieve our mission and vision


Working efficiently and adjusting accordingly to the rapidly changing world


Unleash the hidden visionary and leadership potential out of each individual

Enable Filipinos, especially the youth, value social work so we all can progress without leaving anyone behind

Create an economy based on social and global impact rather than monetary gains

Help everyone understand that every person is vital to the advancement of the society regardless of social class, race, and gender