A & B PHILIPPINES, guided by its core principles, envisions to create a collaborative world for a bright and sustainable future. To realize this vision, the organization, while instilling the virtue of “helping others” among its members and beneficiaries, will work together towards holistic development with technology.


Empower people and encourage them towards long-term active volunteerism in the pursuit of their ideals


Generate ideas and think out-of-the-box solutions that help address societal problems


Develop project management tools that would capacitate every individual to turn their ideas into reality through the IDEAL process


Raise awareness through various platforms to promote active participation across communities


Implement projects that will cater all sectors of society and operationalize our core principles by ensuring the adequacy and sustainability of all our endeavors


Engage in partnerships to promote collaboration across various organizations for the further advancement of our cause


With ingenuity as one of our core values, A & B Philippines aims to deliver our project, activities, and programs effectively and efficiently to make sure that our effort goes a long way. To guide the volunteers, we should follow the IDEAL process.

Identify → Design → Execute→ Assess → Learn

Identify the Problem

In every endeavor of the organization, we first identify the problem or what we wanted to solve to help us contextualize and respond based on the given situations. One way to do this is to conduct a series of data gathering and research to gain a clear understanding of the entire picture.

Design your Idea

We generate and design ideas that will help address the issues presented. We can list down as many ideas as possible to exhaust all possible options. Upon listing, analyze each option and determine the most effective and efficient way to solve the problem.

Execute your Plans

After the planning process, here comes the fun part: turning your plans into action! A carefully planned project or activity will ensure its success. We monitor the status of the project or activity and address possible drawbacks as soon as possible.

Assess your Activities

Assessment is a crucial part of our process cycle that will help improve our future activities. We should be able to identify possible points for improvement and good practices that can be implemented. We believe in Kaizen or continuous improvement!

Learn from your Experience

Finally, we want to transform communities towards holistic development and that includes our volunteers as well. A&B Philippines wants you to have a fun and memorable experience with us while helping other people. We hope that the knowledge that you gained from your volunteering will help you become a better and empowered individual!

What We Care For


We aim to help improve the overall well-being of every individual thru access to modern healthcare, especially those in the lower income groups and marginalized sectors.


Education is a fundamental factor in ensuring progress and development in a society. We aim to help children gain access to quality education, especially in the disadvantaged areas, and mold them to be future leaders and agents of change.

Social Welfare

We aim to assist families and communities in need by helping address emerging issues and challenges in the society.
We aim to ensure that every citizen fully understands and enjoys their right.


We aim to promote the use of technology to ensure efficiency and effectivity by engaging the community and creating better, effective solutions to modern problems.

wind turbine, wind energy, environmentally friendly

We aim to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy to reduce our carbon footprint.


We aim to raise awareness on the impacts of climate change and promote sustainable development for a better future for the next generations.